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Kuwait Civil ID Name Change Process 2023

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change: If you could change any aspect of your civil ID name, what would it be? It’s not that difficult, is it? You just need to follow these steps.

There can be a problem if your passport and civil ID have different names. It can be a problem if you have two different names on your documents, but not if you have the same name on both.

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change

Problems can affect your professional and everyday life, such as opening a new bank account or running out of food. Several documents are required for a civil ID change.

  • There is a serial number on the back of your civil identification card.
  • Please provide your mobile number to receive the verification code
  • The picture with a blue background, 24×6

We make changing your Kuwait civil id name easy within a few minutes, so you don’t have to worry. Mobile phones, laptops, and computers can all be used for this task. Check your Civil ID Status first to verify your Civil ID is valid.

Visit the PACI Envelope system website

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change

  1. The first step is to choose an updated name
  2. There is an option at the top of the page to change the language to English when you find it in Arabic.
  3. To complete the third step, click Update Latin Name for Non-Kuwaitis.

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change

  1. Next, you will be taken to a new page, as shown in the image above.
  2. A space is provided on the backside of your civil identification card for entering your civil identification number or name and serial number. Click on the continue button.
  3. As shown below, if you did not submit your civil ID for renewal, you will be notified that you cannot update your Latin name because there is no issuance request for your civil ID.

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change

  1. You can send a verification code after entering your mobile number by clicking on the send verification code button. The verification message will be sent to your email address.
  2. The code must be entered on a new form, and then the Verify Code button must be clicked.
  3. Afterward, you will need to complete a new form where you can enter your correct information.

Kuwait Civil ID Name Change

  1. You must then upload passport-size photos with blue backgrounds, and then select the option next to it.
  2. You will receive a reference number for your given mobile number. The progress of your application can be viewed.
  3. You will receive a link to pay when your application is approved. The link must be manually checked once it has been activated.
  4. Lastly, you will need to replace your old civil ID with the new one at South Surra Paci.

Steps: Visit the Kuwaiti Civil Registry (KCR) website to register. Make sure your personal information is up-to-date in the KCR database. It’s time to get a Kuwaiti ID.

Important Notes: The Kuwaiti civil ID can only be applied for by Kuwaiti citizens. The registration deadline is two months before the expiration date of your previous Kuwaiti ID card. New Kuwaiti IDs will be subject to a fee from the Kuwaiti government.

This guide provides steps that will guide you through changing your Kuwaiti civil ID. Hopefully, you will find this method convenient and easy to use when updating your bio-data.

How can I update my civil ID online?

The Kuwait Mobile ID application can be accessed by logging in. From the main menu, select Update ID. To select the update package, go to “Account” > “Update” on your smartphone.

How do you check if there is a case against you in Kuwait?

Visit the official website of the Kuwait Government’s Electronic Services Platform. Enter your MOI login credentials to see the name and contact information of any agent who might be able to help you… Click on ‘Travel Ban’ to see if your account is affected by the current travel ban.

How can I update my civil ID online?

The Kuwait Mobile ID application can be accessed by logging in. You can update your ID by selecting it from the main menu. You can update your ID using the mobile app. Click Accept after reading the terms of the agreement.

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