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MOI Portal Kuwait – Complete and Easy Guide to You



MOI Portal Kuwait

MOI Portal Kuwait allows individuals to access important information and services, such as visa applications and renewals, traffic fine payments, residency permits, and more. This article discusses the features and services offered by the MOI Portal and how they are transforming the way Kuwaitis interact with the Ministry of Interior.

MOI Portal Kuwait Guide

The MOI portal Kuwait provides individuals, businesses, and the government with an array of digital services. There are several services offered, including:

  • A service for Kuwaitis to inquire about passport data
  • An inquiry service for Kuwaiti voters’ registration data
  • Warranty information inquiry service
  • Service to inquire about residency information and fine values in the event of expiration, applicable to non-Kuwaitis
  • Visa data inquiry service
  • Driving license information service
  • Data inquiry service for vehicle licensing
  • Data inquiry service with detailed information about traffic fines
  • The travel ban data inquiry service
  • Inquiry service for judgment execution data
  • Check the status of your visa application

MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fine

MOI Portal Kuwait Traffic Fine is a digital platform provided by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait to help people inquire about their traffic violations and fines. The service provides information about how to pay traffic fines and allows users to check the details of their fines.

The MOI Portal Traffic website allows users to view the fine details by entering their traffic violation number. It aims to streamline the payment process for traffic fines and make life more convenient for Kuwaitis.

How can I check my traffic violation in Kuwait?

It is important for individuals to stay informed before using the MOI Traffic Fine Check service, so they can avoid any potential repercussions associated with unpaid traffic fines. Check if you have any outstanding fines by following these simple steps:

  • The MOI website or mobile application can be accessed.
  • Please enter the number of the traffic violation or registration of your vehicle.
  • You can retrieve information about unpaid fines and penalties.
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Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has an official website, It is available in English and Arabic, with the English version aimed at non-Arabic speakers.

You can apply and renew visas, pay traffic fines, apply for residency permits, and more with its digital services. Moreover, the website provides information on Ministry of Interior activities and services.

MOI Kuwait Residency Information

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) provides a range of digital services regarding residency permits for foreign nationals living and working in Kuwait. The Kuwait Residency Information service offers the following features:

  1. Kuwait residency permit requirements and procedures for obtaining/renewing.
  2. Detailed information on each residency permit’s fees.
  3. Additional digital services related to residency permits, such as applications and renewals.
  4. The MOI website or mobile app makes it easy and convenient for individuals to access the information they need.


MOI Portal Kuwait revolutionizes how citizens interact with the Ministry of Interior, offering a variety of services and information at their fingertips.

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PACI Updates

The Ministry Of Interior Warns Against Interfering With Kuwaiti-Saudi Relations




The Ministry Of Interior Warns Against Interfering With Kuwaiti-Saudi Relations

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has issued a strong warning against any attempts to disrupt the relationship between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Zero Tolerance Policy

In a press release, the MoI emphasized its zero tolerance policy towards individuals who engage in activities that may undermine the close bond between the two nations.

Blogger Offending Remarks

The Ministry specifically referred to a blogger who had posted offensive remarks about an esteemed figure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The incident has been forwarded to the relevant authorities, indicating that punitive legal action is likely to follow.

Firm Action Against Offenders

The MoI’s General Directorate of Security Relations and Media stated that any offensive remarks or actions will not be tolerated. The Ministry is determined to take strong measures against those who misuse social media platforms or interfere in the relations with sisterly countries.

Preservation of Historical Ties

The Ministry reiterates its commitment to the longstanding and profound historical ties between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The statement emphasizes the importance of maintaining and cherishing this special relationship.


The Ministry of Interior’s stern warning against tampering with Kuwaiti-Saudi ties underscores the significance of the relationship between the two nations. With a zero tolerance policy in place, the Ministry is determined to take decisive action against any individuals who engage in offensive behavior or attempt to disrupt these vital bonds.

By emphasizing the importance of preserving the historical ties and deep-rooted connections, the Ministry sends a clear message that the Kuwaiti-Saudi relationship is held in high regard and should be respected by all. Through their proactive measures, the Ministry of Interior aims to ensure the continued strength and harmony between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, safeguarding a partnership that is valued and cherished by both countries.

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