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The Ministry Of Interior Warns Against Interfering With Kuwaiti-Saudi Relations



The Ministry Of Interior Warns Against Interfering With Kuwaiti-Saudi Relations

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has issued a strong warning against any attempts to disrupt the relationship between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Zero Tolerance Policy

In a press release, the MoI emphasized its zero tolerance policy towards individuals who engage in activities that may undermine the close bond between the two nations.

Blogger Offending Remarks

The Ministry specifically referred to a blogger who had posted offensive remarks about an esteemed figure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The incident has been forwarded to the relevant authorities, indicating that punitive legal action is likely to follow.

Firm Action Against Offenders

The MoI’s General Directorate of Security Relations and Media stated that any offensive remarks or actions will not be tolerated. The Ministry is determined to take strong measures against those who misuse social media platforms or interfere in the relations with sisterly countries.

Preservation of Historical Ties

The Ministry reiterates its commitment to the longstanding and profound historical ties between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The statement emphasizes the importance of maintaining and cherishing this special relationship.


The Ministry of Interior’s stern warning against tampering with Kuwaiti-Saudi ties underscores the significance of the relationship between the two nations. With a zero tolerance policy in place, the Ministry is determined to take decisive action against any individuals who engage in offensive behavior or attempt to disrupt these vital bonds.

By emphasizing the importance of preserving the historical ties and deep-rooted connections, the Ministry sends a clear message that the Kuwaiti-Saudi relationship is held in high regard and should be respected by all. Through their proactive measures, the Ministry of Interior aims to ensure the continued strength and harmony between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, safeguarding a partnership that is valued and cherished by both countries.

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Traffic Violation Points in Kuwait – Easy Guide




Traffic Violation Points in Kuwait - Easy Guide

Kuwait uses traffic violation points to track and penalize drivers who commit traffic offenses. The General Traffic Department (GTD) under the Ministry of Interior implements the points system. This article explores traffic violation points in Kuwait and their implications, shedding light on the system.

Traffic Violation Points in Kuwait

A traffic violation point is an important tool for penalizing and regulating drivers who commit traffic offenses. The General Traffic Department (GTD), which operates under the Ministry of Interior, administers this system.

The program aims to encourage responsible driving behavior and discourage traffic violations. Points are added to the driver’s record for each traffic violation. The accumulation of too many points can result in penalties, fines, or even suspension of your license.

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Kuwait Traffic Violation Points

We have compiled a list of common traffic offenses along with the points associated with each:


The severity of an offense determines how many points will be deducted if you exceed the designated speed limit. Driving 15-30 km/h over the speed limit may result in 2 points, while exceeding 30 km/h may result in 4 points.

Running Red Lights:

A driver who disregards traffic signals and runs red lights is committing a serious offense. Your driving record can be affected by three points.

Using Mobile Devices While Driving:

Mobile phones and other electronic devices used while driving can result in a four-point penalty.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI):

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be dangerous and carry severe penalties. DUI offenses can result in 10 points, as well as legal consequences.

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Reckless Driving:

Your driving record can be penalized by six points if you drive recklessly, such as swerving, tailgating, and changing lanes excessively.

Failure to Yield Right of Way:

Two points can be deducted if you fail to yield the right of way to other vehicles or pedestrians.

Driving without a Valid License:

If you operate a vehicle without a valid driver’s license or with an expired license, you will receive four points on your driving record.

Traffic Violation Points Consequences

Traffic violation points can have several significant consequences that affect different aspects of a driver’s life. Among the potential outcomes of accumulating points are:

Fines and Penalties:

Fines and penalties increase as you accumulate points. If you have accumulated points on your record, your fine will vary.

License Suspension:

Getting too many points can result in a temporary suspension of your driver’s license. It can significantly impair your ability to commute and go about your daily routine.

Higher Insurance Premiums:

Drivers with a high number of traffic violations may be considered high-risk individuals by insurance companies, leading to higher premiums.

Probationary Period:

A significant number of points may result in a probationary period during which the driver must demonstrate improved driving behavior.

FAQs for Traffic Violation Points in Kuwait

Q1) Can a driver’s license be suspended due to traffic violation points?

Ans:- Yes, Kuwaiti drivers can have their licenses temporarily suspended if they reach a certain number of points. Depending on the number of points accumulated, the suspension duration varies.

Q2) How long do traffic violation points stay on a driver’s record in Kuwait?

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Ans:- Points for traffic violations remain on a driver’s record for a specific period, typically one to three years, depending on the severity of the violation.

Q3) Can traffic violation points be removed from a driver’s record in Kuwait?

Ans:- Traffic violation points can be removed from a Kuwaiti driver’s record by completing defensive driving courses or maintaining a clean driving record for a specific period of time.


Kuwait’s traffic violation points serve as an important means of enforcing road safety and holding drivers accountable.

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